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Darren “The Gorilla” Till, 27 vs Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker, 29
Till may be the most boring fighter that we all pay close attention to. It baffles and frustrates me how bad his fights are, yet the UFC pushes him as hard as anyone (not complaining, Till is hilarious, but he has shown us very little). His Wonderboy win was a 25 minute staring contest. In his Gastelum fight, the crowd was openly booing there was so little action. He was brutally KO’d by an undersized 170lb Jorge Masvidal in round 1 in London. But the worst part of his resume is that he didn’t even throw a punch in his Woodley title fight.
So, we know his output is low and he relies on being the bigger fighter – imposing a decent amount of fear onto his opponent, I guess. That’s not nearly enough for me to take him against the ex middleweight champ.
The problem is we don’t know what version of Robert Whittaker we will see: the crafty, durable, gutsy fighter who went 50 minutes with the most dangerous/scary man on the planet (Yoel Romero)…. or the overreaching, chinny Reaper that we saw against the superb Israel Adesanya (who knocked knuckles out twice in 6 minutes, remember – and, no shame here, Adesanya is one of the best strikers/fighters in UFC history). Tough one here. And I predict a stinker of a fight, because well, that’s how Till fights. Till just doesn’t pull the trigger.
Prediction: Stare off, and some boring clinch… then Whittaker explodes for a fast combination knockout.

Alexander Gustafsson, 33 vs Fabricio Werdum, 43 (in a week)
The Swede is coming out of retirement but is/was widely known to be the best Light Heavyweight ever that’s not named Jones, Cormier, or Rumble. The Brazilian is a forty three year old Submission grappler/BJJ specialist who was the UFC Heavyweight Champion after he beat Mark Hunt and then Cain Velasquez in a stunner in Cain’s Mexico City. He then got KO’d in the first round by Stipe Miocic in 2016, who is still the champ…
Alex is moving up to heavyweight. Werdum, fresh off a two-year ban after popping for TREN, lost to a very old Aleksei Olienik this past May where he looked just terrible. They both did. Now we learn Werdum says this is his last UFC fight – “the cycle is over” (no pun intended roid-head?). Well, I liked it before, but this is now a lock for me. Retirement fights always end one way – with a loss.
Gustafsson wins, probably by KO, but this is a new division for him, so not positive about the gas tank.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, 38 vs Antonio Rogerio Noguiera, 44
So these two guys won the Fight of the Year… in 2005. Why is this happening in 2020? I’m pretty sure this is “Lil Nog” – but I am positive this is his retirement fight… which as we know, say it with me, always ends in a loss.
Shogun wins. I will fast forward right on through this one.

Tom Aspinall vs Jake Collier
Aspinall is Till’s boy. And if you have seen any training film, these boys have put in the work. And Tom is a boxer, which I like in this one. Collier is moving up in weight and pretty much stinks from the 1 minute of research I did on him. Wow, Collier just weighed in at 264 (he recently fought at 170!). He is really fat…. And has a real Covid lockdown look about him.
Aspinall by KO. And feel free to load up a little.

Nathaniel Wood vs John Castaneda
One rule I like to employ is always always beware the Mexican fighters. I used to include Hawaiians here, but Max is in decline, Yancy is just not great, Coconut Bombz blew me up 2 fights ago, and even Dan (father is a Navy Seal – tough) Ige just lost. I’ll stick with just over generalizing my Mexican brethren. They are not to be ignored. Now, “Sexy Mexi” is actually from Minnesota so buyer beware, and Wood is a very talented UK point fighter that I usually back, but Castaneda’s odds are too good to pass up, he can get this done – and at +400 odds, live a little.

The Bet: Parlay Aspinall/Gustafsson/Shogun Rua/Whittaker pays 4:1.

or just take Aspinall.

Written by KC

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