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The latest talk doing the rounds is that Deontay Wilder is on the verge of firing his long-time and experienced trainer, Mark Breland, for throwing in the towel on his fighter’s behalf to end the punishment he was taking from Tyson Fury.

Wilder’s argument is that he is a warrior and that he would rather fight until the end than surrender. He believed that he still had the capacity to come back and needed just one big punch to land to knockout Fury.

MyTwoCents thinks he is dreaming …

Firstly, he should not be publicly calling out his trainer … remember this is the guy who has been with Wilder for many years and trained him through all of his great success. If Wilder was in disagreement, he should have had that conversation behind closed doors. It is completely unfair to blame his trainer for his own ineffectiveness on the night.

Secondly, to think that he could still have won that fight is ludicrous and shows how out of touch with reality Wilder is at the moment. He had lost all 7 rounds bar one, had been knocked down twice and would have needed nothing short of a miracle to have survived even two more rounds. His legs had gone (as he admitted to – blaming his outfit) and therefore his punching power was gone too. How could he possibly have expected to land a knockout punch on Fury in that state? Remember, Fury took one of his best in the first fight and still got back up.

Thirdly, what if he had suffered permanent brain damage? Who would fingers have been pointed at? Yes, Breland would have been in the firing line. If Breland hadn’t thrown in the towel, experienced ref Kenny Bayless would have done so shortly thereafter. This fight was over … anybody who watched it could see that. Again, Wilder needs to watch the tapes … he is still punch drunk if he thinks otherwise.

Finally, it feels as if Wilder is trying to mask the truth with smoke and mirrors. He is not the great boxer that he has been hyped to be. Sure, he has a big right hand … but to be frank … that is all he has. There were no combos or skilful jabs on display because they don’t exist in his arsenal. He has one punch and that is it. So he is trying to blame his trainer and also his outfit … yeah … on that one … if carrying an ill-advised costume to the ring wears you out then you need to revisit your training regime! That may go down as one of the lamest excuses in heavyweight boxing history.

Before the fight, there was plenty of conjecture on social media about who was the more lethal boxer … Wilder or Mike Tyson. If you thought Wilder, you know nothing about boxing.

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